Helping People

Connect With

Mother Nature.

Sattvameva Jayate consists of all the information required to jump into the wonderfully miraculous world of Sattvic Lifestyle & digging deep into Ayurveda.

What do we Offer?

Our motto is to connect people with Mother Nature and form a Sattvic Community.

Sattva Katha

Weekly Blogs which contain all the information regarding Holistic Living, Healthy Food and Authentic Sattvic Product Recommendations.

Sattva Bazaar

The Authentic Sattvic E-Commerce Store to buy products at the best possible price.

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Coming Soon

Sattva Kriya

Activities that will help you connect with your inner self & take you a step ahead in your Sattvic Journey.

About Us

Research shows people more connected with nature are happier and feel their lives are worthwhile. Nature generates positive emotions like calmness, joy, and creativity and facilitates concentration. Nature and humans are inseparable and must be regarded as a single element.

Sattvameva Jayate’s primary focus is to remind every human that they are a part of nature and take every human as closest to nature as possible.

For it to happen, we need your Support.

We’ve just started with this Mission. Our website is still in the development phase. We are working hard and doing our best to bring more products, features and services to you all.

Sattva Katha is a collection of blogs brought to you by Sattvameva Jayate. Here you will find all the information related to Ayurveda & Sattvic Lifestyle to lead a holistic life.